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Falls Prevention


Slips, trips and falls can happen to anyone, but they are more common and more significant as we get older, because we are more likely to injure ourselves. People often dismiss falls as part of getting old or not concentrating properly but they are often a warning sign that something is not right, so it is important to discuss any fall with your doctor


As we age, our feet can change shape and lose some feeling and flexibility. This changes the way we walk and affects balance. Painful or swollen feet can make it difficult to walk. Also, some shoes or slippers can make you more likely to slip, trip or stumble, leading to a fall.

What makes a shoe unsafe?
Soft or stretched uppers make the foot slide around in shoe.
High heels impair stability when walking
Narrow heels make the foot unstable
Lack of laces means the foot can slide out of shoe
Slippery or worn soles are a balance hazard, particularly on wet floor


Inactive or unfit people tend to have poorer balance and weaker muscles and can be unsteady when walking. These can all increase the risk of falling. It is common for people who feel unsteady to do less walking. Over time this actually makes you more likely to fall because your muscles get weaker, your joints stiffer and your balance gets worse.


Where to find Help

Commonwealth Carelink: 1800 052 222

Commonwealth Carelink provides free information about the services available in your area, how to contact them, who is eligible and whether there are any costs associated with the service.